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UW School of Social Work Directory

Enter a name in the search box to locate School of Social Work faculty and staff members, or select the first letter of their last name to search alphabetically. Please refer to UW Directories for a complete listing of University faculty, staff and students.


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First Name Last Name Job Title Telephone Location Room #
Kerrie Murphy SSW RC
Simon Pipkin Continuing Education Specialist SSW RC
Karina Walters Associate Dean for Research 206-543-5647 SSW 210B
Kath Wilham Editor SSW
Kimberly Cooperrider SRD Director, Technology 206-616-9642 SDRG
Lan Pham Part-Tiem Lecturer SSW
Lara Thompson CWTAP Practicum Supervisor 206-221-5016 SSW 127
Larisa V. Baturevych Budget/Fiscal Unit Supervisor 206-616-7508 SSW 111B
Laura Orlando Program Manager 206-543-8250 POC
Susan Lawver SSW RC 254
Leanne Do Program Coordinator 206-616-2176 SSW 238
Karl Leggett Lecturer SSW
Nancy Leigh Continuing Education Coordinator SSW RC
Lewayne Gilchrist Professor Emeritus 206-543-4175 SSW
Lin Murdock Director of Student Services 206-616-5830 SSW 23
Lisa Ball Continuing Education Coordinator SSW RC
Laurie Lippold Policy Director 206-221-3135 POC
Lisa Manzer Research Coordinator 206-685-5264 SSW
Lauren Matthews Research Coordinator 206-543-7511 IPRG
Laura Merchant Lecturer SSW
Lisa K. Bancroft PhD Student SSW
Lorre Allen Director of Human Resources 206-685-1656 SSW
Leon T. Preston Director of Field Education 206-543-3881 SSW 112B
Lucy Berliner Director, Harborview Center for Sexual Assault & Traumatic Stress 206-744-1600 Harborview
Victoria Evans Lecturer 206-288-1359 SSW