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Eric (Ric) Brown

Research Assistant Professor
PhD, University of South Florida - Tampa

Dr. Eric Brown’s research interests center around the application of advanced research methods to evaluate prevention programs, policies, and service systems. Dr. Brown began his career in Florida working as a researcher in children’s mental health and child welfare service delivery systems. His graduate studies focused on measurement, quantitative analytic methods, and experimental designs for testing school-based preventive interventions.

Currently, Dr. Brown works with the Social Development Research Group (SDRG) on a variety of prevention studies, including the Supporting Early Transitions Study—a site-randomized trial of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, the Community Youth Development Study—a community-randomized trial of the Communities That Care prevention system, and the International Youth Development Study—an examination of differences between the U.S. and Australia in adolescent alcohol abuse and other problem behaviors.

Recently, Dr. Brown was the principal investigator of the Steps to Respect Project, which tested the efficacy of the school-based bullying prevention program in 33 elementary schools in northern-central California. Dr. Brown also was the principal investigator of the Maximum Individualized Change Analysis Project, which assessed the utility of a new method to experimentally test intervention effects in individually-tailored programs.

Other current work at the SDRG includes working on the implementation and dissemination prevention science methods and technology to Latin America, and serving as a consultant on various prevention initiatives in the Republics of Colombia and Chile. He is a member of the American Evaluation Association, the Society for Prevention Research, the National Hispanic  Science Network, and the Prevention Science Methodology Group. 

Professional Interests:

  • Testing the efficacy/effectiveness of preventive interventions
  • Developing and testing prevention service delivery systems
  • Iinternational research and evaluation in Latin America

Research Projects: