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BASW Prerequisites


To be considered for the BASW major, applicants must be a current UW student, transfer student or returning student in the process of applying for admission to the UW (transfer students can obtian applications to the UW through the Undergraduate Admissions Office) and:

  1. 2.0 cumulative minimum GPA or higher
  2. Earned 2.0 (“C”) grade or higher in each prerequisite course areas listed below
  3. Minimum of 65 college level credits by start of program 
  4. Four prerequsites DO NOT have to be completed at time of application, butmust be completed before you may start the program
  • Social Work prerequisites are one course in each of the following subjects: Human Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Economics or Political Science. All the course numbers listed below are UW courses with the exception of ECON 100. To find out how courses from a Washington State community or technical college will transfer to the UW, click here
  • Human Biology: 
  • BIOL 100, 118, 180
  • PSYCH 202, 357
  • GENOME 351
  • Psychology: 
  • PSYCH 101, 203, 206, 210, 245, 250
  • Sociology: 
  • SOC 105, 110, 212, 240, 247, 260, 270, 271 
  • GWSS 251
  • ANTH 330
  • Economics or Poltical Science:
  • LSJ 363
  • POLS 202, 382
  • ECON *100, 200, 201
  • AFRAM 437
  • GEOG 208
  • STAT 220, 221 or ED PSY 490 may be taken as late as spring quarter of the junior year, but is a required prerequisite of the senior year courses and is recommended prior to admission.
  • *ECON 100 is only offered at community colleges (not at the UW)

College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR)

All applicants must complete a minimum level of preparation in six subject areas. This requirement ensures that students entering the University have an appreciation for the liberal arts and are adequately prepared to succeed in college.

CADR are admission requirements. Therefore, they must be satisfactorily completed before the first quarter of enrollment at the  UW.