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Research Project Principal Investigator(s)
Mental Health Disorders Prevention Research Training Paula S. Nurius
Mental Health, Domestic Violence and Economic Insecurity
Mockingbird Family Model Evaluation
Motivating Substance Abusing Batterers to Seek Treatment Roger Roffman
Motivating Treatment Seeking and Behavior Change by Untreated Military Personnel Abusing Alcohol or Drugs (Warrior Check-Up (WCU) Denise Walker, Roger Roffman
Moving up? Low-income working families and policy supports. Jennifer Romich
Multi-University Evaluation of the Educational Effects of Intergroup Dialogue
Multiple Perspectives on Battered Mothers and their Children Fleeing to the US for Safety: A Study of Hague Convention Cases
National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network: Pacific Northwest Node
National Latino and Asian American Study II: Unrevealing Differences for Clinical Services
NLAAS II: Unraveling Differences for Clinical Services
Node of the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network
Operational Definition of Chronic Disability in the National Long Term Care Survey Elena Erosheva
Parent Training to Address Pediatric Functional Abdominal Pain Rona L. Levy
Psychosocial Intervention for Children with IBD Rona L. Levy
Punished by Progressivity: Do High Effective Marginal Tax Rates Trap Low-income Workers? Jennifer Romich
Reaching and Motivating Change in Teen Marijuana Smokers Roger Roffman
Reducing Disparities & Improving Care for Depression in OB-GYN Clinics
Reducing Risk & Enhancing Protective Factors in Children Supplement: Sexually Transmitted Infections Biomarkers Richard F. Catalano, Jr.
Role of Psychopathology in Adolescent Problem Drug Use