Room reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis by Administrative Services located on the second-floor mailroom. If a reservation already exists for the room and time you specify, alternatives are suggested. You may also contact the party who has the room reserved to see if they can reschedule. Check with Student Services to locate classrooms for meeting use.

Rental fees will be assessed to non-School groups, other colleges and schools, and outside organizations. Fees will apply to the third-floor Commons, the kitchen and breakout rooms. A schedule of these fees is available from Administrative Services.

Available Rooms

  • Third-Floor Commons: Rooms 305A and 305B each accommodate from 20 to 60 people. Instructions for the use of these rooms are posted in the rooms. Please restore the room to its original set-up when you vacate. These rooms are equipped with multimedia technology and are separated by a removable divider to become one large room. Contact SSW Tech for assistance with media equipment and Administrative Services for assistance with the room divider.
  • Third-Floor Breakout Rooms: Rooms 306A and 306B each accommodate from five to 15 people. A removable divider to become one large room separates the rooms. Contact the SSW Administrative Services for assistance with the divider.
  • Room 210F (Dean's Conference Room): Accommodates 20 to 25 people.
  • First-Floor Gallery: Accomodates 30 to 40 people. Metal, stackable chairs are available for the Gallery.
  • Room 116: Accommodates 14 to 16 people
  • Room 236: Accomodates 6 to10 people

Note: The UW Registrar (206-543-1080) handles classroom use and scheduling. You may contact Student Services to schedule classrooms for one-time events.

If you do not need the room reservation, please cancel to free up use for others.