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Non-UW User STAR Technical FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: I can’t remember my username and/or password or I want to change my password?
Answer: Please go to the Protect Network website since UW SSW personnel do not manage this free service. You will be asked to enter your email address to obtain your username or create a new password.

Question: I can’t log into STAR.
Answer: Please try to log into Protect Network directly as a test using your account and password to see if the problem is with your account or STAR.
Exit your browser completed by selecting the ‘X’ in the upper right corner.
Open Protect Network
If you cannot log directly into Protect Network, then please contact them directly since SSW cannot manage these accounts:
Phone: 888.999.8934
If you work at an agency with an IT department that blocks email spam, please make sure that they allow emails from the domain

Question: How can I change the Protect Network email address to match the correct one that STAR looks for?
1. Link to ProtectNetwork.
2.  Put in your ID and Password.
3. Select the ‘Login Now’ blue button.
4. Hit the ‘Edit’ word in the ‘Email Addresses…’ area in the middle of the page.
5. Put in the email address you want to add under ‘Add An Alternate…’ field.
6. Hit Save.
7. You will need to check your email inbox of that newly added address and select the verification link.
8. Go back into that Email section and the newly added address will have a ‘Set as Primary’ link next to it, so select it.

Question: My account works fine, but I am seeing an error after logging into the Protect Network login page and coming back to the STAR website.
Answer: Contact for UW Seattle or for UW Tacoma  and provide your name, email you registered with ProtectNetwork and your agency information so the respective Field Education group can ensure you are active in the STAR system and with the correct email address that STAR depends on.

General Security Information:
SSW is opening up a portion of student, agency and faculty information to their respective owners which increases the school’s data risk. We depend on end users to have secure computing environments to decrease this risk. Please help us by taking five minutes to read these guidelines to ensure a safe environment at your location and here at the school.  (

Please use the most current version of web browser(s) for security and compatibility reasons.
How to upgrade your web browser (type in the address field of any browser the following links or mouse click them):
Internet Explorer
Mozilla FireFox
Google Chrome