Winter 2018 PCE/UWC2 Registration Forms

Please make sure you select the correct registration form (designated by year in program, scheduling option, and concentration where applicable).

Registration forms will be available evening before registration begins. Registration begins Friday, November 3, 2017.

1st Year Evening Form

1st Year Weekend Form

2nd Year Evening CYFMG Form

2nd Year Weekend CYFMG Form

2nd Year Evening HMH

2nd Year Weekend HMH

All 3rd years

EDP Registration Process

Like other fee-based students, MSW Extended Degree Program students register through UW Professional & Continuing Education (PCE/UWC2 ).  Before registration begins each quarter, your PCE/UWC2 registration forms will be posted on this site.

Registration forms are specific to your cohort (by year and by scheduling option) and will list your required courses as well as EDP-sponsored electives when applicable.  Please make sure you select the correct registration form. Please consult the EDP Model Program of Study to review your required courses quarter to quarter. 

Students must submit payment at the time of registration unless receiving financial aid. PCE/UWCwill accept registration forms through email if they are signed and scanned, if you have financial aid or another form of financial payment set up (CTWAP, VA). Your registration form will list all course fees and payment methods, including financial aid.

You may submit your payment and registration form through any of the following methods:

  • In person: PCE/UWC2 Registration Services (4311 11th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105)
  • Phone: (206) 543-2310 (payment with VISA or MasterCard required via phone)
  • Fax: Fax your completed registration form and payment to (206-685-9359)
  • Mail: Mail your completed registration form and payment to: UW Professional & Continuing Education Registration Services, PO Box 45010, Seattle, WA 98145-0010

MSW Extended Degree Program students may not register through MyUW or by going to the campus registration office in Schmitz Hall.  UW Professional & Continuing Education has a separate registration system for all fee-based students, so non-PCE/UWC2 registration offices cannot assist you with the registration process. 

For registration support, please contact PCE/UWC2 Registration Services directly at

Requesting Changes to your Registration.  To change your grading option, add/drop courses, or completely withdraw from a course, please submit a written request to PCE/UWC2 Registration Services in person, via email, or fax.  In your request, please include your full name, student number, and the course name and number.  You may find the quarterly deadlines to complete these actions on the UW Academic Calendar.

EDP Electives

The School of Social Work offers two types of electives: EDP-sponsored electives (fee-based) and Day-sponsored electives. EDP students have priority in EDP-sponsored electives and Day students have priority in Day-sponsored electives.

EDP-sponsored Electives

When available and applicable, EDP-sponsored electives will be listed on your PCE/UWC2 registration form.  You may register for EDP-sponsored electives the same way you register for your other EDP courses.  EDP-sponsored electives are offered on evening and weekend schedules.

Students may also develop an independent study for elective credit.  Soc W 599 is an independent study course to explore a topic not covered in the regular curriculum of the MSW program.  To learn more, please explore the Soc W 599 Independent Study process available in STAR.  

Day-sponsored Electives

Day-sponsored Electives can be found in the UW Time Schedule and in the quarterly social work time schedule emailed to students and listed on the registration information page.  Several day-sponsored electives are offered on evening and weekend schedules.  EDP students can enroll in Day-sponsored electives on a space-available basis.  

Any course that is not designated as fee-based in the social work time schedule is sponsored through the Day program.  Soc Wf 495, Soc W 516-521, and courses numbered higher than Soc W 525 can be used as electives.  If you find a Day-sponsored course that interests you, please review the "Priority to" and "Will admit" fields to see if you can register on a "Space available" basis.  (Here is a  quick guide on how to read registration notes on the social work time schedule).  

To register for a space-available day-sponsored course, you must submit an online waitlist request.  You may also access the online waitlist request by clicking "Registration Information and Class Schedules" on the lefthand menu. Student Services will contact you with an entry code when space becomes available.  The sooner you submit the waitlist  request, the higher you will be on the list for an entry code, with priority given to third year EDP students.  After you receive an entry code, you may contact PCE/UWC2 Registration Services to add that elective course.

Electives in Other Departments

MSW students may take up to 3 credits of electives outside the School of Social Work (400 level or above, related to social work).  Students may find courses in other departments on the UW Time Schedule (state-sponsored), the PCE/UWC2 Time Schedule (fee-based), the PCE/UWC2 Online Learning website (distance learning), and on the MSW blog

If there are no registration restrictions, you may write the course (name and number) on your PCE/UWC2 registration form and submit it for enrollment.  For courses with restrictions, students must contact the sponsoring department to obtain an entry code.  After you've received an entry code, you may write the course (name and number) and entry code on your PCE/UWC2 registraiton form and submit it for enrollment.

Waiting for Entry Codes

While you are waiting to receive an entry code for an elective, you may go ahead and submit your registration form to enroll in your other required courses.  You may write the elective course (name and number) on your form and indicate that you are waiting for an entry code.   When you receive your entry code, you may then follow up with PCE/UWC2 to complete enrollment in the elective.