Spring 2018 PCE/UWC2 Registration

Students will no longer be registering through registration forms. EDP students will be registering online through MyUW beginning February 9, 2018.  

User Guide: How to Register using MyUW

Payment Procedures for Fee-Based Degree Students (EDP students)

EDP Cohort Slides: Tips for Registering

Spring 2018 Registration Email

Registration Tables

Elective Classes

The School of Social Work offers two types of electives: EDP-sponsored electives and Day-sponsored electives. EDP students have priority in EDP-sponsored electives and Day students have priority in Day-sponsored electives.

EDP-sponsored Electives

EDP-sponsored electives are offered on evening and weekend schedules and can be found at the UW PCE Time Schedule.

Day-sponsored Electives

Day-sponsored Electives can be found in the UW Seattle Time Schedule. Several day-sponsored electives are offered on evening and weekend schedules.  EDP students can enroll in Day-sponsored electives on a space-available basis. Please refer to the registration tables and Time Schedule.

Electives in Other Departments

MSW students may take up to 3 credits of electives outside the School of Social Work (400 level or above, related to social work).  In addition to the Time Schedule links, the PCE/UWC2 Online Learning website (distance learning), and on the MSW blog can help students find classes. 

For courses with registration restrictions, students must contact the sponsoring department to obtain an entry code. After you've received an entry code, you register through your MyUW.

Independent Study

Students may also enroll in up to 3 credits of independent study. Soc W 599 is an independent study course to explore a topic not covered in the regular curriculum of the MSW program. To learn more, please explore the Soc W 599 Independent Study process available in STAR.