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First Name Last Name Job Title Email Phone Location Office
Laura Merchant Clinical Assistant Professor lmerchan@uw.edu SSW
Amanda Meyer Coach in Region 3 admeyer@uw.edu 360-725-6781, / 360-790-7245 (cell) Off-Campus Tumwater- 6860 Capital Blvd., 98501
Marcia Meyers Professor Emeritus mkm36@uw.edu 206-616-4409 SSW 127K
Penny Michel Child Welfare Trainer Region 3 mpenn300@uw.edu 360-725-6788, / 360-402-4040 Off-Campus Tumwater- 6860 Capital Blvd., 98312
Joseph Mienko Research Scientist/ POC
Morris Miller Coach/Continuing Education Specialist millemj@uw.edu 253-304-1457 Off-Campus 2121 S. State St. 2nd floor, 98405
Megan Moore Assistant Professor mm99@uw.edu 206-616-2862 SSW 225L
Kristen Morgan Communications Manager morgank5@uw.edu 206-616-9940 SSW RC 252 Forefront
Dave Morrin Recruitment Coordinator dmorrin@uw.edu 206-685-2425 SSW 23B
Diane Morrison Professor Emeritus dmm@uw.edu 206-543-6813 SSW 128
Lin Murdock Director of Student Services linm@uw.edu 206-616-5830 SSW 023F
Kerrie Murphy Program Operations Specialist, Lecturer ksmurp66@uw.edu 206-543-1646 SSW RC Research Commons
Khalfani Mwamba Lecturer, Office of Field Education mwambk@uw.edu 206-685-3173 SSW 112J
Shelly Myers Continuing Education Coordinator, Program Operations Specialist mysh300@uw.edu 206-221-0308 SSW RC 254
Gerilyn Myers Teaching Associate/CWTAP Myersg6@uw.edu 206-685-4460 SSW 111A
Paula S. Nurius Grace Beals-Ferguson Scholar and Professor nurius@uw.edu 206-685-1682 SSW 112A
Sabrina Oesterle Research Associate Professor soe@uw.edu 206-221-4917 SDRG
Tara Ogilvie Research Assistant, IPRG Taraao@uw.edu (206) 543-7511 / , (206)-899-6853 IPRG 308
Erik Oien Data Scientist/ POC oieeri26@uw.edu 206 221-0858
Lara Okoloko Affiliate Instructor laraha@uw.edu 206-685-7917 SSW 225K
Aaron Olson Contracts Manager alolson@uw.edu 206-221-7578 SSW RC 254
Laura Orlando Project Manager/ POC lorlando@uw.edu 206-543-8250
Patty Orona Child Welfare Trainer for Region 1 po5@uw.edu 509-834-8535 Off-Campus Yakima- 1002 N. 16th Ave., 98909
Araceli Orozco-Hershey PhD Student aorozco@uw.edu SSW B070- A5
Jenn Ozawa Lecturer