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First Name Last Name Job Title Email Phone Location Office
Charina Carothers Coach Region 1 carotc@uw.edu 509-363-3539, / 509-496-0320 (cell) Off-Campus Spokane- 1313 N. Atlantic St. Ste. 2000, 99201
Richard Catalano Professor catalano@uw.edu 206-221-7737 (SSW), 206-543-6382 (SDRG) SDRG 203
Jordan Chamberlain Program Operations Specialist, CEDR jordanc2@uw.edu 206-547-5585 Off-Campus 3876 Bridge Way N Ste 201
Chris Charles Media Relations Assistant cchar@uw.edu 206-543-8771 SSW 254G
Wilson Chau Senior Computer Specialist wkc@uw.edu SDRG 206-616-5184
Marissa Chavez Research Coordinator/ POC marissa2@uw.edu 206-616-0747
Youngjun Choi PhD Student yjchoi81@uw.edu 206-519-9671 SSW B070A2
Aimee Chou Media & Communications Specialist - Forefront akc2@uw.edu 206-259-2641 SSW RC Research Commons
Diane Christiansen Program Operations Specialist dianech@uw.edu 206-685-9068 SDRG
Margaret Christofalo Lecturer 120
Janice Cole Research Consultant/ POC
Tracey Coleman Program Coordinator, Office of Field Education tracec@uw.edu 206-221-6171 SSW 112
Gail Colfax Grant Administrator gharrell@uw.edu 206-543-3705 SSW 220C
Jon Conte Professor contej@uw.edu 206-543-1001 SSW 211A
Mark Cooke Lecturer SSW 120
Alissa Copeland Workforce Curriculum Developer copeal@uw.edu 206-221-0010, 425-750-6368 (cell) SSW RC
Rebeca Cordero Research Scientist rmarin@u.washington.edu (206) 685-4927 SSW 211J
Saul Cornwall Lecturer, Office of Field Education saultran@uw.edu 206-616-0183 112D
Michael Craig Curriculum Developer, Statewide Coach- FamLink msc5@uw.edu 253-983-6295, / 253-312-8378 (cell) Off-Campus Tacoma-1949 S. State St, 98405
Joel (Henry) Crume PhD Student crume@uw.edu SSW B018E
Kelly Cue Davis Research Associate Professor kcue@uw.edu 206-616-5623 SSW 127D
Gina Cumbo Lecturer SSW 120
Mary Curran Lecturer mccurran@uw.edu SSW
Michelle Cutlip Coach Region 1 mlcutlip@uw.edu 509-363-3392, / 509-290-0408 (cell) Off-Campus Spokane- 1313 N. Atlantic St. Ste. 2000, 99201
Diane Altman Dautoff Affiliate Instructor