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First Name Last Name Job Title Email Phone Location Office
Gracia Hahn Child Welfare Trainer in Region 3 hahng@uw.edu 253-983-6362, / 253-332-4814 (cell) Off-Campus Tacoma- 2121 S. State St. 2nd floor Tacoma, 98405
Pamela Haithcox Eggleston Lecturer haithcox@uw.edu 206-744-4055 SSW
Koren Hanson Research Consultant koren@uw.edu 206-992-0481 SDRG
Tracy Harachi Associate Professor tharachi@uw.edu 206-409-2707 SSW 136E
Matthew Hardesty Senior Web Applications Developer matthard@uw.edu 206-685-9404 SSW 127H
Vern Harner PhD Student vharner@uw.edu 602-758-8199 SSW B018C
Shannon Harper Research Director shannonh@uw.edu 206-685-7727 SSW 101
Daryllyn Harris Lecturer
Erin Harrop PhD Student erind2@uw.edu SSW B018F
J.David Hawkins Endowed Professor in Prevention jdh@uw.edu 206-221-7780, 206-543-7655 SSW 211C
Michael Heavener Web Computing Specialist mheavene@uw.edu 206-685-7441, 425-208-5130 SSW RC 254
Kathryn Henne Fiscal Specialist 1 kathenne@uw.edu 206-543-8821 SSW 220E
Todd Herrenkohl Professor tih@uw.edu 206-221-7873 SSW 211B
Zynovia Hetherington Lecturer, Director of CWTAP zynovia@uw.edu 206-543-5734 SSW 111A
Karl Hill Research Professor khill@uw.edu 206-685-3859 SSW 203
Jan Hinkle-Rodriguez Child Welfare Training Manager at Region 1 janh5@uw.edu 509-836-5499, / 509-830-5300 (cell) Off-Campus Sunnyside-2010 Yakima Valley Hwy. Ste.19, 98944
John Allen Hires Lecturer
Kelly Hoeft Academic Adviser hoeftk05@uw.edu 206-216-3646 SSW 023E
Julie Holmberg Director, Human Resources holmbj@uw.edu 206-221-7003 SSW 210D
Nancy Hooyman Nancy R. Hooyman Endowed Gerontology Professor, Dean Emeritus hooy@uw.edu 206-685-1662 SSW 238A
David Huh Research Scientist, Director of the Methods Division dhuh@uw.edu 206-543-3692 SSW RC 256
Tim Hunt Director of Information Technology thunt@uw.edu 206-543-0566 SSW 127L
Mathew Ignacio PhD Student matt717@uw.edu SSW B018D
T. Ron Jackson Affiliate Professor ronjack@uw.edu SSW 136A
Sarah Jen PhD Student srjen@uw.edu 206-685-7727 SSW 127J / KFG Space