During this time of extraordinary challenge and need, social workers are called to join or lead initiatives that provide critically needed support to our most vulnerable community members. Particularly important are technology-assisted strategies offering outreach, support and social connection during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In response to critically needed services, the School developed Project Connect—a virtual “collaboratory" that offers students the opportunity to obtain valuable experience while providing services. “Project Connect reflects the range of social issues and populations that we care for, that we have a commitment and capacity to serve,” said Dean Uehara, who spearheaded the initiative, in a UW News feature story

For students, these collaborative projects provide safe and substantive remote-learning and service opportunities that can serve as field-placement options. Students participate in rapid response and service delivery that can make a real difference in the social and mental health of at-risk individuals and families. Our students also have access to the School’s significant research capacity, enabling them to augment and evaluate impact. Additionally, students may reflect on their role as first responders—lessons that can be applied to future societal crises that require rapidly deployed and scientifically sound solutions.

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