If you are a current BASW student at UW Seattle applying to Advanced Standing for Summer 2023 AND meet the 3.5 departmental GPA eligibility requirement for the new streamlined application process please follow the instructions below. If you did not meet this eligibility requirement (or graduated from the Seattle BASW in previous years) you can still apply to Advanced Standing using the full application - Click here to return to the main page on Submitting MSW Application.

Please note: All UW Seattle BASW seniors are eligible for an application fee waiver, instructions on how to apply were sent to students by email.

UW Graduate School Application (Online Application Portal)

Access the online portal here.  You will need to create a profile as a New Applicant or login and update your profile as a Returning Applicant. 

Be sure to select the correct program, quarter and year:

  • SOCIAL WORK - SEATTLE MSW -(Advanced Standing Full-Time - Current Seattle BASW Students)

  • SOCIAL WORK - SEATTLE MSW (MSW - Advanced Standing Part-Time - Current Seattle BASW Students)

Advanced Standing applicants will be admitted to a specialization based on their prioritized selection of "interest areas" in the Graduate School application. Please review specialization choices (see Full-time Advanced Standing here and Part-time Advanced Standing here) before finalizing these selections and submitting the application. Specializations are space-restricted and once offers are made, changes are not guaranteed and are limited.   

MSW Supplemental Questionnaire: You will be prompted to provide answers in the online portal 

Choice Options: Applicants will have the opportunity to list second and third choice program options in the event they are not admitted to their first choice. Only list alternate options if you have fully reviewed the MSW program information, fully understand the distinct program options and costs, and are willing to pursue an MSW degree in this program. (Note:The specializations offered in the Part-time Advanced Standing Program are different from the specializations offered in the Full-time Advanced Standing Program.)

Additional questions:

  • If you are a reapplicant, please enter the year you last applied.

  • You will be prompted to estimate total hours of relevant Social Work and Human Service Experience - if you need guidance we have created a handout and worksheet for the full application that may be useful (this service form is not required however for this application).

Required Supplemental Form

You must download and save it to your computer prior to filling it out. You will upload the document in the portal. 


Unofficial UW Transcripts

You must submit an up-to-date unofficial UW transcript.

  • Please submit PDF files only via the Graduate School application; we will not accept incomplete, blurry, or illegible documents or pictures from your phone. We will not accept e-mailed, faxed, mailed transcripts nor transcripts sent through electronic transmission services.

  • Please make sure your first and last names and the name of the institution are included on all transcripts.

  • If you are currently enrolled in a college/university, a final transcript showing confirmation of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent will be due before the start of the program, if admitted.


Provide a résumé (no more than 2 pages; in PDF format only) that includes:

  • Educational background

  • Paid work experience: dates, employer name and address, job title, brief overview of job responsibilities

  • Unpaid, relevant social service experience

  • Awards, honors, and special achievements you have earned (academic, work, volunteer)

  • Languages spoken and written and level of fluency, if bilingual (including ASL)

  • Research experiences: any research you have conducted or been a part of

  • International experiences (length of time, work/volunteer experience)

Please address gaps in your work history as appropriate and/or explain these in your Personal Statement.

Personal Statement

The required personal statement portion is an important component of your application package. We are interested in learning more about you and your educational goals, how your unique identities, perspectives, and experiences have influenced your decision to attain a Master of Social Work degree. Feel free to tell your “story” in a reflective, creative, and expressive style.

Format: 2-3 pages max; statements should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins for standard-sized (8.5” x 11”) documents, using 12-point font (either Times New Roman or Calibri).

The MSW Program at the University of Washington School of Social Work is grounded in our commitment to racial, economic, gender, and social justice informed by and for those at the social margins of our local, national, and global communities. Reflecting on the UWSSW’s MSW Program Statement of Purpose, please respond to the following prompts: 

  • How have your unique identities, perspectives, skills, and experience in the BASW program prepared you to work towards social change across different systems - with individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, and/or at the policy and structural levels - and how has this background influenced your decision to pursue an MSW? How do you hope an MSW education will support your work towards social justice and development of anti-oppressive practice? 
  • Please share your first choice specialization and provide reasoning for your selection. How might specializing in this area help you to achieve your short- and long-term social work career goals? If you identified a second choice option, please briefly describe why you might also consider specializing in this area.

Funding Consideration (Optional)

This form is separate from the online Graduate School application and does not impact admissions decisions. We encourage applicants who would like to be considered for funding to submit this form. The deadline for submission is the same as the general admission deadlines. Please be aware that this is the only opportunity for departmental funding consideration for incoming students. In order to be considered, the applicant must file a FAFSA (or equivalent, if eligible) for the current year.

  • This information will be used to guide us in determining a match for potential sources of departmental funding at the School (e.g. fellowships/scholarships); 

  • Fellowships and scholarships will be used to help support the School’s recruitment efforts to ensure diversity within the School. Should you be selected for an award, you will be notified by the Scholarship Committee via email.  

  • Please explore the School’s website for additional options for funding your education (e.g. graduate assistantships, traineeships, scholarships for continuing students, resources for undocumented students).

Access the google form here.

Notice: The departmental funding consideration form is not a replacement for the general need-based financial aid application (FAFSA), for which UW’s priority deadline is January 15th.

Submitting Your Application

  • Review MSW Applicant Responsibilities 

  • Applications and fee payment must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. PST on the deadline date; the portal will close exactly at midnight.

  • Double check all your application materials for completeness, legibility, and that all documents have accurate information.

  • Remember, all of our notifications will be sent out electronically (we do not use postal mail for our decisions) by the end of March. 

  • You can login into the application portal to check your status, and/or the status of your recommendation letters.

  • Congratulations on completing your application, and good luck!



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