Mass incarceration, COVID-19 health disparities and unrelenting racial injustice are issues we —and the most vulnerable among us— face every day. How can you make an impact, change the world and lift up your community? Consider a career in social work, and live your passion for social change!

All participant microphones and cameras (besides those of the presenter) are set to be disabled, but we welcome typed chat questions throughout the presentations. These sessions will be recorded for the benefit of future prospective students. By participating, you consent to the recording and agree that your name and any chat text you transmit may be part of the recording that is later made available for consumption by University of Washington School of Social Work students, faculty, staff, or partners.

Upcoming Events


BASW Curriculum and Classroom Experience (March 2023)

 -  View the recording here
Lev Cunningham (Staff/Instructor), Bill Vesneski (Associate Teaching Professor) and Khalfani Mwamba (Field Instructor) offer short sample interactive activities and discussions to give students a glimpse of the BASW classroom experience.



BASW Open House (November 2022)

 -  View the recording here
Join us for review of important admissions steps and deadlines, dialogue and advice from current students, and discussion of writing effective personal statements for your application.

Are you passionate about social justice? Furthering rights for marginalized communities? Just helping people in general? Come grab a snack and chat about Social Work with our School of Social Work admissions team! This event is open to all Freshmen at UW and is a part of Dawg Daze. No registration required!


Do you have a passion for helping others? Want to make a career out of it? Come learn about what a Bachelor's in Social Welfare looks like! We'll cover the application process, prerequisites needed, basics about the program, courses you'll take, tips for transfer students, and any questions you bring. Registration is required, but you are welcome to register any time before the event begins. Hope to see you there!