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  • MSW Online Information Sessions
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Previous Event Recordings:

    • MSW Info Session Recording: December 12, 2022
      Live your passion for social change. Our MSW program prepares graduates for leadership and direct-practice positions in a host of professional settings, ranging from health, aging and mental health to public education, multicultural communities and nonprofit or government agencies. Join us to learn more about the program and application process! This recording covers general information about all of our programs (MSW Day, EDP, and Advanced Standing) and application materials. *Please note: application materials and other information is subject to change each year, please check our website for the most up-to-date information. 


    • MSW Special Topic Session: Program Cultures: February 27, 2022
      This seminar will help applicants to better understand the differences between the MSW programs at UW. There is a panel of students from the EDP, Advanced Standing, and Day Programs who will describe their experiences in each program and answer questions from event attendees.


    • What is Social Service Experience? December 14, 2021
      Our Master of Social Work application requires applicants to complete a form that details your experiences working in the social service and human services field. Our Student Information Specialists, Sommer and Maura, discuss one of our most frequently asked admissions questions - "what is social service experience?" and give a tutorial on how to complete this critical aspect of the MSW Application.