The UW School of Social Work funds two Student Information Specialists (SIS), who are current MSW students that also serve as part-time student ambassadors with the School of Social Work admissions office. Prospective students are welcome and encouraged to reach out to an SIS (except over summer quarter, as SISs are not available mid-June to mid-September). They look forward to meeting you, and serve as a resource to answer your questions about specializations, classes, student life, housing, Seattle, the application process, funding, and more!

Name: Maria (MSW candidate, 2023)
Pronouns: She / Her
Office location: School of Social Work, Room 023 (ground floor) 
Appointments: You can book an advising appointment with me here! (not available over summer)

Hometown: Long Beach, California

MSW specialization area: Clinical Social Work. I am interested in this specialization because I believe changing one life can change the world and I am passionate about work on the induvial level and meeting people where they are at.

Alma mater: California State University, Long Beach graduated Summa Cum Laude with my BASW in 2022

Favorite thing to do in Seattle: My favorite thing to do is Seattle is to go hiking with my partner and our 3 dogs.   

Social issues I am passionate about: I am passionate about mental health work, trauma therapy, advocating for folks who are traditionally voiceless, criminal justice reform, and reform around low-income housing.

MSW practicum site: Harborview Abuse & Trauma Center

Why did you choose UW? I chose UW because I have a beautiful husky at home who has made me very partial to the mascot. In all seriousness, the social justice movement efforts that I have seen in Seattle have always drawn me to the city, and I love UW’s anti-racist stance and their passion around creating a safe and accessible space for students from all walks of life.

What advice do you have for prospective students? I would say to follow your passion and not to let fear get in the way of pursuing higher education. Getting through your educational journey is a unique experience and there is no one right way of following your dreams.