Our cohort model gives you the opportunity to get to know your classmates. For two years, you will take classes with the same 40-45 peers. This facilitates networking, friendships, and the chance to engage in classroom discussions with vulnerability because you are comfortable with your classmates.

Your class schedule each quarter will vary. In Junior year, you will typically have classes 2-4 days a week, typically within the range of Monday-Friday 8:30-5:50pm. You will take courses such as Human Behavior & Social Environments, Cultural Diversity & Justice, Social Welfare Policy, and a series of Social Welfare Practice courses that span from individual (micro) practice, to families and groups (mezo), to systems (macro) practice. At each level you will engage how to use evidence-based practices to engage in socially just ways.

During senior year, you typically will only be on campus 2-3 days a week and serve at your practicum site in the community two full days a week. At your practicum site, you will build your professional skills and receive ongoing feedback and support from a field instructor. As well as being a chance to hone essential social work skills, these networking opportunities can lead directly to employment after graduation.

During most quarters, there is room in your schedule that you can add a course from another department if you choose to. This makes it possible for you to complete general education courses or interdisciplinary courses towards a minor or double major if you choose.