2018-2019 conference funding


Our next round of conference funding will start at the beginning of Winter Quarter January 7, 2019 . Application link: https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/sswstsrv/364534

  • In an effort to support students in learning and sharing new ideas, the MSW EDP and Day program provides students with funding to attend a conference.  The funding aims to support student participation in conferences that achieve the following:

This funding enables students to attend and travel to conferences that might not otherwise be accessible or feasible for financial reasons.

Students must complete and submit an online funding application.  After reviewing all submitted applications, the selection committee will select recipients and determine the award amount for each recipient.  Award amounts vary.  The awarded amount may be less than the amount requested by the applicant. Funding may be provided as direct purchases or as reimbursements, so students should be prepared to cover some or all conference costs up-front as needed.

After completion of the conference, award recipients are expected to submit a 300 word reflection on the conference they attended.


MSW students enrolled in good standing and making good academic progress may apply for conference funding within 30 days of conference attendance.

Priority consideration will be given to applications that reflect the following:

  • Financial need (conference participation might otherwise be unfunded)
  • Active participation (presenting a paper or poster, chairing a session or panel, etc.)
  • First-time attendance at the proposed conference
  • Requests for conferences occurring in current quarter
  • First-time conference funding from the MSW Extended Degree Program or Day Program
  • 2nd year Day students and 2nd and 3rd year Extended Degree students 

Students may only apply once per funding round. Students may apply as many times as they like during their time in the MSW EDP and Day program. Please note, however, that priority consideration is given to applicants that have not yet received conference funding.

Funding Available:

Funding is limited to registration, airfare/mileage and hotel costs.  No funding is available for food, per diem, optional costs at hotel beyond just the cost of the room. Funding is based on a reimbursement process. 

We also encourage all students to see if there’s an early bird or student conference rate, scholarships, and/or if there’s an opportunity to volunteer at the conference in exchange for registration fees.

The EDP students have a cap of $1250. Day students have a cap of $300. Each application is reviewed individually and is funded as the conference committee deems appropiate. Please do not request past what is available for your program. For Day students, priority consideration will go to those who are actively participating in their conference/training and to those applying for local conferences.


Application rounds will be offered 2-3 times a year depending on the number of applicants we receive. Whenever a funding round is open, the application will be posted at the top of this site. MSW students will be notified by email when conference funding applications will be accepted.

Applicants may want to copy and paste the content of the application to a text document so they can work on completing the application in more than one sitting.

No applications will be accepted after the deadline. 

Other Opportunities:

If you’re interested in the Graduate School’s travel grants, please visit their webpage for more information, including contact info. for those administering the funds: http://depts.washington.edu/gpss/funding/ 

Please note that they have strict deadlines and only offer travel grants to students presenting at conferences.


If you have additional questions, please email Corinna Quesada, Program Assistant, at quesac@uw.edu.

Application Link: https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/sswstsrv/364534