Before you begin

  • The OWL is a tool used for facilitating remote conferences on Zoom. It will capture audio from all directions, as well as video from up to three different speakers at a time. In order to use it, you must use the desktop computer, not your own.

How to use the A/V system in the Conference Room

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Locate the control center panel (with the words "crestron" at the bottom) on the center of the conference room desk.

Press the PWR ON button and wait for a beep.


If you do not use the Provided Desktop Computer, you will NOT be able to use the OWL

If you use the Provided Desktop Computer you will be able to:

  • Use Zoom with the OWL to capture the audio and video of your conference, tracking whomever is speaking

The computers in the podiums should always be powered on. But, if they have gone to sleep:

  • Wiggle the Mouse
  • OR
  • Touch a key on the keyboard to wake up the computer

If the display is still dark - Turn on the power to the display:

If you've confirmed the monitor is on & the computer is still dark.  Please let
know or go to room 12 on the G level, so that we can start the computer for you.

Log in with your UWNETID

The computer's are automatically connected to the wireless network so once you're logged in - you can check email go to google drive/One drive ETC.
But if you'd like to physically load files on to the computer, look for the USB ports on the back left corner of the monitor as seen here:


Go to and login with your netID in order to automatically load your personal information into Zoom.

To control the level of the Zoom audio (or your device that's connected to the HDMI cable) volume in the room:

  • Use the Zoom audio controls to adjust microphone and speaker volume
  • The OWL will be selected by default
  • You may do a microphone and speaker check (click the arrow in the upper right corner of the microphone at the bottom left of the screen and select "Test Speaker and Microphone..."


If you are using the Provided Desktop Computer, the OWL will automatically be selected for audio output and input when you start a Zoom meeting.


You can use the OWL camera in the conference rooms if you are using the Provided Desktop Camera.

The OWL camera will record audio from all directions, and it will track whomever is speaking during the meeting.

In order to optimize sound and video quality, it is best to avoid too much cross-talk.

The OWL camera maxes out at three images (speakers) at a time.

The location of the OWL is important; it should not be obscured by the computer monitor and it is generally best not to move it.


Unplug the HDMI adapter from the desktop computer (black and blue cable) Then, plug the HDMI cable into your device.

The system will auto detect that you want to use your device & switch the displays and audio from the Provided Desktop to your device

  • To switch back to the desktop - unplug the HDMI cable from your device and back into the black and blue adapter.


  • Your device plugged into the HDMI cable will NOT be able to use:
    • The OWL, which will lose the ability to track audio and video from multiple directions/speakers.
    • For a custom audio/video solution using your own laptop, please contact or go to room 12 on the G floor.