The School of Social Work has the right to take immediate action and remove a student temporarily from a course(s) and/or field education site if there are serious concerns, such as essential skills/professional conduct or safety concerns necessitating investigation and resolution.

The School will notify the student in writing of the effective date of the temporary removal and reason for removal. The School may also inform the placement site and/or instructor(s) of the temporary removal, as appropriate. During the course of the investigation, the student has the right to meet with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Program Director, Director of Field Education, the Director of Student Services, and relevant course instructors to contribute to fact finding. After the investigation is complete, the student will be notified in writing of reinstatement to the course(s) / field education placement, permanent removal from the field education placement, and / or referral to the Student Review Committee for permanent removal from the course or other actions. The investigation for temporary removal should be completed by the end of the academic term. However, the SSW reserves the right to take more time if the investigations warrants.