The School of Social Work is open for business. We are located at 4101 15th Ave. NE, adjacent to the University of Washington Seattle campus. Our main office is on the building's second floor in Room 220A. Our building business hours are 7:30 a.m.– 6 p.m. After hours entry to the building requires a valid UW card key. For questions about operations or access, send an email to

  • Vicki Anderson-Ellis, Assistant Dean of Finance & Administration—
  • Desi Schatz, Facilities Manager—, 253-389-0103




Conference rooms are generally closed to ensure that all spaces are clean and sanitized once broader use is allowed. If one needs to use a conference room for teaching in the near term, it will be deep cleaned again by custodial; however, in order to allow our custodial staff time to continue to deep clean public spaces, we will limit use of the rooms and ask for occupants to wipe down used surfaces for safety purposes.. Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer will be available in each of these conference room spaces. 

The conference rooms that will be open for use are 116, 210F and 306AB. If anyone needs access to a conference room they may pick up a key from the front desk (located in the SSW Mailroom).  Please email to make reservations and pick up keys ahead of time. 

The SSW Research Commons will only be accessible to employees who work in the space. This includes IWRI, Forefront and the Alliance. The Research Commons conference rooms (RC 1, RC 2/ 3) will be locked and not accessible for use.   

The computer lab will be open for student use. All SSW students have access to the computer lab 24/7. Measures of social distancing are strictly observed.  The computer lab is also sanitized daily including high touch points of doorknobs, light switches, chairs, tables, keyboards and mice. Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer are available for use.

All classrooms will remain locked in accordance with university protocols to ensure a safe facility once public use is restored. For instructors who need to record a course we ask that they email to reserve a conference room space and pick up a key. All conference rooms have cameras set up in the space for Zoom needs. If assistance is needed with Zoom please contact or visit the Tech Tools & Resources page on the SSW COVID-19 Information page. If a laptop is needed please reserve via the SSW Booked Scheduler Program

The UW will continue to deliver mail daily; yet, since the building will be locked down if anyone is expecting packages, they will be returned to the sender. It is highly advised to have personal packages delivered to one’s home. If items are work related, we can accept packages if they are shipped to a central UW location (and in turn UW mailing services will deliver them to SSW accordingly). Please ship work packages to our central UW mailing services at:

Company: University of Washington
Name: Social Work, Desi Schatz, 354900
Attn: (recipient)
Address: 3900 7th Ave NE , Seattle WA 98915 

Note: USPS and UPS will still continue to deliver work related mail to SSW during normal business hours of 9:00AM - 2:00PM Monday-Friday but SSW cannot guarantee its arrival time or if it will be returned to the sender. Upon arrival USPS and UPS will call the number provided on the exterior door signs to request access. Mail that is not delivered during the regular business hours will be delayed and delivered next business day. 

As staffing will be at a very bare minimum please consider scanning or emailing correspondences to ensure they meet their recipient timely vs. using on site mailboxes. This includes requests from payroll to reimbursements. SSW Office Services will be checking mailboxes to ensure business activities continue but response times may vary as a result.

There is a process to allow certain equipment to be taken home from SSW offices. Find more information here: SSW Emergency Home Equipment Agreement

The custodial services hours of operation in the SSW building are 4:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. If additional services are needed after hours please reach out to the Facilities & Office Services Manager at to arrange swing shift custodial cleaning (4:30 P.M. - 1:00 A.M.) Custodians and recycling services are considered essential staff and will continue work in the case of suspended operations in the SSW building. 

The daily custodial work during this time consists of regular routine duties as well as advanced disinfecting of high touch points and common used areas. High touch points include handrails, banisters, doors and door handles, light switches, table tops, chairs and armrests, water fountains, elevator buttons and podiums. Restrooms are deep cleaned daily with a focus on touchpoints. 

 For further information on how the UW campus gets cleaned please view the UW Facilities “How UW Campus gets cleaned”. Custodial managers are keeping track of spaces that are disinfected and are physically marking them with signs. Several spaces have been disinfected and are locked. Most of these spaces will continue to be locked for the duration of spring quarter. See “Classrooms” and “Conference Rooms” for further details on what spaces are available for use. 

The cleaning priority levels are (in order of priority) (1) classrooms, auditoriums, public spaces (libraries etc.), entrances, study areas, computer labs (2) kitchenettes, conference rooms, offices spaces. Many lower priority services such as floor work may be delayed depending on the needs of these spaces. 

For more information about UW Custodial Services please reach out the Facilities & Office Services Manager at

Effective June 1st, the Transportation Services office will begin charging for daily parking at Central Plaza Parking Garage again. Until then, Transportation Services will not be issuing citations. This is to allow UW faculty or staff to park in these lots in situations where they need to come to campus to support the response to the coronavirus outbreak or to perform other essential functions in support of University operations. For more information visit the Transportation Services website. The Transportation Services office is closed but staff are available by email to assist with transportation needs. 

Since the building will be locked and will have low occupancy, we ask that you stay aware of who is and is not around and to make sure to lock your doors as you leave your offices and/or keep an eye on your belongings. 

Please reach out to the SSW Safety Manager at 206-221-7441 during business hours of 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM Monday-Friday and after hours please call Desi Schatz at 253-389-0103 or Vicki Anderson-Ellis at 206-849-7025 . To reach the UWPD non-emergency line you can call 206-685-8973. In the case of an emergency please call 911

SSW uses the Ayava phone system for all its building usages.  SSW employees who have phones and/or voice mail can access their calls remotely either by calling the phone system, forwarding phones to a preferred number, or forwarding messages to one’s email.  A detailed description of how to update one’s phone can be access at the following training site: 


All School of Social Work faculty and salaried staff are added to the SSW listservs as appropriate to their roles. All SSW faculty and salaried staff with a netID are also added for MySSW access. 

During this time it is important to make sure that all employees are receiving email updates from the SSW Administration and have access to necessary resources needed from MySSW. If you are having issues with receiving listserv emails or accessing MySSW please reach out to Desi Schatz.

Note: If an employee is not receiving listserv emails it may be because of their spam filter. To change these settings please view this helpful guide on how to add SSWAll emails as a “safe sender”.

Here are some updates on the UW units that are open or working remotely. Please note that these hours of availability are subject to change: 

Husky Card Office: 

The husky card office is open during regular business hours of 8:00AM - 5:00PM. They do ask that you call or email them before visiting their office at or calling (206) 543-7222. In most circumstances, they will be able to resolve issues and answer questions over phone or email without an office visit. New students and employees should contact them with their UW ID number prior to visiting in order to first confirm eligibility for the Husky Card. For more information about the husky card office you can view the Husky Card Services website. 

UW Libraries 

The Health Sciences Library has closed effective March 20, 2020 (no more student access via Husky cards)

There will be no requesting physical items from the library for Spring Quarter. The Librarians will not have access to any of the physical collection, including journals, books, and media, and will not be able to fulfill requests for these materials. Therefore the following services are unavailable: Request a UW item for pick up, Summit, UW Article Scanning Services, Course Instruction Scanning, Print Course Reserves, Home Delivery, and Department Delivery. Interlibrary Loan services will be limited to electronic articles and materials only.

For more details from the UW libraries on COVID-19 updates you can view the UW Libraries webpage. If you have specific questions you can reach out to the SSW/Health Sciences Librarian, Lynly Beard

Transportation Services Office: 

The Transportation Services office is closed but staff are available by email to assist with transportation needs. For transportation questions you can reach out to and visit their website for further updates on sales office closure and impacts. 


The UWPD is open 24/7 and is considered essential staff. They will continue to be here in the event of suspended operations at UW.