Khalfani Mwamba

Khalfani Mwamba

Assistant Teaching Professor
Office of Field Education
MSW, University of Washington

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Constellation:  Leo
Favorite Color:  Royal Blue
Favorite Food:  Shrimp Scampi
Favorite Place:  Any Sea-side
Favorite Sport:  Football [spectator only]
Favorite Song:  “Think” (Aretha Franklin)
Favorite Book:  “The Healing Drum” (Yaya Diallo)

Khalfani Mwamba is a son, husband, father and grandfather, who blends his consciousness of culture with his social justice commitment in his professional social work praxis. A therapist since the turn of the century, he dove intensely into evidence-based Forensic Social Work just after earning his MSW as a Husky in 2009. Only four months after joining one of our region’s few funded desistance efforts—the Community Center for Alternative Programs (CCAP)—Khalfani rose to Clinical Supervisor, coordinating the therapeutic deployment of WAC-compliant Substance Use d/o Tx, CBT, MI, and Seeking Safety along with other promising practice treatment conditions formatted for therapeutic group interactions. By way of KingCo’s largest Behavioral Health organization, Khalfani’s teams served ~120 Co-Occurring reentry participants daily. He joins our Office of Field Education team as a lecturer after serving over seven years in this national model operation.

In addition to his calling as Social Worker, Khalfani is a consummate scholar and respected Cultural Worker. He has studied African rhythm systems world-wide, with a particular interest in both South and West African music’s utility in our present lives as vehicles for both “self-,” and “community-care.” Khalfani is the founder of Mshenga a Babu (Message from the Ancestors) rhythm ensemble which produced the only national, musical centennial celebration of  African America’s Anthem: “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” in Y2K. And they continue to move crowds to rhythmic responses all ‘round Puget sound.