Arden M. Hellmann

Assistant Director
Office of Field Education
MSW, University of Washington

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Arden Hellmann serves as a lecturer and faculty member in the Office of Field Education, working with graduate and undergraduate students. 

Arden’s career began in Seattle working for and helping to start a community-based organization, partnering with communities, schools and families to help children and youth thrive in schools. She went on to help start and manage a family support center and then pivoted and provided grant administration and program oversite for new funding streams for both private and public organizations.

She has worked in a wide range of schools in a variety of capacities and regularly finds herself helping to start and launch programs ranging from specific events to administrative systems and developing collaborations to help them succeed. She believes fully that micro informs macro and macro informs micro practice. To that end, she has also been involved with legislative advocacy efforts. Currently, Arden is staff at the UW HealthyGen Center, providing organizational and program developmental support, and supervision for students. She is also a field instructor for undergraduate and graduate social work students.

Arden’s work in higher education includes field instruction, lecturing graduate courses, organizational and program development support for the HealthyGen Center, and worked with the Intergroup Dialogue Education & Action program (IDEA). Most recently, she provided offsite field instruction for students placed throughout the Puget Sound region, partnering on students’ learning and teaching teams, helping students link their classroom learning with their applied practice, and supporting and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students.   

Arden received her MSW from University of Washington and BA from University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.