Brian Walton

Teaching Associate, CWTAP
MSW, University of Washington

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Brian Walton is a graduate of the UW School of Social Work CWTAP program and is now a teaching associate and field instructor with CWTAP, supervising and supporting students working towards earning their MSW. Before joining the UW, Brian worked with the Department of Children Youth and Families for 10 years as a social worker and supervisor in an adolescent-focused Child Family Welfare Services unit. Brian continues to be a strong advocate for a specialized, adolescent-focused approach for serving adolescents and young adults in the child welfare system based on adolescent development and the unique challenges adolescents and young adults face in the child welfare system. His experience includes work as a board-certified associate behavior analyst, providing both in-home and in-school behavioral services. 

Brian enjoys working closely with and mentoring students as they build on their experience and further develop and refine their unique social work practice with a focus on serving children, youth and families. He is passionate about youth advocacy and the transformation of the child welfare system and serves on the board of directors for the Mockingbird Society. Outside work, Brian maintains his work-life balance by spending time with his family and through long-distance and downhill skateboarding and pickleball.