Brian Walton

Teaching Associate, CWTAP
MSW, University of Washington

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Brian Walton joined the School of Social Work's Child Welfare Training and Advancement Program in 2019, following ten years with the Department of Children Youth and Families as a social worker and supervisor with the department's Child Family Welfare Services and Family Reconciliation Services. 

Brian supervised King County's final remaining adolescent-specific CFWS unit and was a strong advocate for its continued relevance and vitality. He is passionate that teens in the child welfare system benefit from a specialized approach based on adolescent development and the unique challenges teenagers face in the child welfare system.

Brian has collaborated on projects with various community partner agencies including Mockingbird Society, Legal Counsel for Youth and Children, the Court Improvement Training Academy and Accelerator YMCA. He developed an adolescent child welfare-extended foster-care training, which was presented to child welfare defense attorneys and assistant attorney generals in 2018. Brian also developed a training on ending youth homelessness with Mockingbird Society, LCYC, and CITA for a collaborative presentation at the 2018 Children's Justice Conference.

Brian is experienced in the field of applied behavioral analysis, earning his Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst certification, which he used to provide in-home and Title 1 school behavior analysis services for children and families. He earned his BA from the University of Central Florida in 1999 and his MSW from the UW School of Social Work in 2010. He is an alumnus of the School's CWTAP program.