Kathy Taylor

Kathy Taylor

Assistant Teaching Professor, CWTAP
MSW, University of Washington

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The majority of Kathy Taylor’s career has been spent working in child welfare, where she has used her organizational, management and teaching skills to advance the professional development of social work practitioners. For over twenty years she has worked in a variety of capacities with the Department of Social & Health Services, (now known as DCYF). Her more recent positions in DSHS were as a social and health program manager, family voluntary services supervisor, area administrator, and regional & statewide disproportionality program manager. 

Initially, she joined the UW SSW, the CWTAP in 2007 – 2010 as a Teaching Associate/Field Faculty Instructor. In this position she supervised students in their field placement, provided trainings in child welfare practices, and guided their practicum experience while mentoring the students. 

In 2015 Kathy returned to the UW SSW, as a teaching associate/field faculty advisor for the Child Welfare Training & Advancement Program (CWTAP). She supports and advises CWTAP students throughout the MSW program, addressing any needs that may arise. Kathy develops curriculum and teaches classes and the child welfare integrated seminars. Recruiting DCYF employees and students interested in child welfare is also part of her work with the CWTAP. Recently, Kathy was promoted to full time Field Faculty Lecturer, and was the recipient of the SSW 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Community Recognition Award. Kathy has served the community for years through her work with non profit organizations.  

Kathy Taylor obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, with an emphasis in Health Care Education from the University of Washington. Later she returned to UW, and completed her MSW.