Field Instruction Description:  Experienced social work professionals in human service agencies and organizations provide instruction and supervision to students as part of their commitment to the training and development of future social workers. Practicum instructors and students develop an educational contract specifying a work plan with learning objectives and specific activities to supplement classroom theory with practical experience and skill-building.  

Others things to consider when becoming a practicum/field education learning site? 

  1. The field instruction agency must have or be willing to enter into an Affiliation Agreement with the University of Washington.
  2. We generally require that the agency have an on-site MSW level social worker with a minimum of 2 years post MSW experience, willing and able to provide an hour of weekly social work supervision, complete learning contract with the student and participate in a detailed online evaluation each quarter.
  3. These are generally year-long placement-requiring micro to macro social work learning opportunities
  4. Will require dedicated work space, access to phone, computer etc.
  5. Will require Field Instructor (FI) to complete an online FI training as well as participate in on going continuing education opportunities through the OFE.
  6. Placement must be compatible with the School’s mission ( and meet CSWE standards of accreditation, including the Social Work Competencies (   

Field Agency/Instructor Information:

If you are interested in supervising a social work student, please complete the agency interest form below.  Once you submit this form the Office of Field Education (OFE) will contact you.


Once you have completed and submitted this form a representative of the OFE will contact you for follow up.  If the placement is determined to be a good match for our students you and your agency will be entered into our database system to supervise a student.   We will send you information on how to get a Protect Net ID to access our online database called STAR.  This will allow you to complete a Practicum Placement Data (PPD) form that will provide us with more detailed information about your agency and the type of student that might best fit with the agency. 

Agency Information
Field Instructor
Field Education Opportunities Available:
BASW (Undergraduate):
Generalist social work practice experience (micro-meso-macro) 480 hours (3 quarters, 160 per quarter, 16 per week) Tuesday/Thursday
MSW (Graduate) Foundation (1st Year):
Generalist practice experience (micro-meso-macro) 320 hours (2 quarters, 160 per quarter, 16 per week) Monday/Tuesday
MSW (Graduate) Advanced (2nd Year):
Provide students with an opportunity for building on foundational knowledge, skills and competencies through practice in an area of concentration while working towards autonomous practice 720 hours (3 quarters, 240 per quarter, 24 per week) Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Days and Times Available
Enter times in format HH:MM am/pm
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