Application deadline is May 8, 2020.

Application statement: Applicants must submit a 1-2 page statement (single-spaced) describing the following:

  • Your interest in and commitment to working in behavioral health:
    • Please provide a brief 3-5 sentence statement on your approach to providing behavioral health services. 
    • Describe any past experience providing behavioral health services and why you are interested in working in behavioral health in the future. 
    • What behavioral health practice skills do you hope to develop in this program and in your advanced practicum? 
    • What is your plan for future social work practice?
  • Leadership potential:
    • How have you demonstrated leadership in the past?
    • How are you demonstrating leadership as a student?
    • What leadership skills do you hope to cultivate in the future? 
  • Experience with and commitment to diverse communities, including rural, tribal, medically underserved, and vulnerable populations
  • Appropriateness of your advanced field education placement
    • Please describe the behavioral health learning activities in your advanced practicum. Discuss your goals for your advanced year practicum placement. If possible, describe specific tasks.

The NLBHP Application Review Committee will evaluate these areas:

  • Match of the field education site with the objectives of the NLBHP training grant
  • Student’s interest in and commitment to working in behavioral health 
  • Demonstrated leadership and/or leadership potential
  • Experience with and commitment to working with diverse communities
  • Academic strengths
  • Strength of letter of recommendation from employer or field supervisor 

Please upload ALL of the required documents below. Documents must be a PDF (.pdf) file.

Before uploading, rename each file using the “LASTNAME_document.pdf” formats shown below.

  1. Application Statement
    File name example: “SMITH_ApplicationStatement.pdf”
  2. Resume
    File Name example: “SMITH_Resume.pdf”
  3. Unofficial Transcript: If you are a Day or EDP student, please upload an unoffical copy of your graduate transcript. If you are an Advanced Standing student, please upload an unofficial copy of your undergraduate transcript.
    File name example: “SMITH_UnofficialTranscript.pdf”

Letter of Recommendation

The letter of recommendation should be submitted directly to the NLBHP by the person writing the letter. Please direct the person writing the letter of recommendation to this link:

If you have any questions regarding the application and/or deadlines, please contact program coordinator, Shirley Chu-Torres at

If you have any questions, please contact Program Coordinator, Shirley Chu-Torres at