Support at Any and Every Stage of Your Writing Process

We are here to support you in all aspects of the writing process. From brainstorming together to offering feedback on revisions, we work with student-writers to develop strategies and skills that will support them in their writing. We offer one-to-one consultations, presentations on how to approach specific assignments, and other writing-related workshops and events. We strive to acknowledge the range of identities, knowledge, and experience that each student-writer brings and we use this to guide our student-centered work.

Your Peers in Learning

As peer writing consultants, we aim to increase access to meaningful and empowering education. We offer support for navigating assignment prompts and content. We offer resources to enhance our writing and research skills. And we offer space to unpack the many challenges that come with writing and learning in academic spaces.  In our time together, we hope our peers will feel respected, with their dignity acknowledged, their strengths recognized, their vulnerability held, and their creativity encouraged. 

Commitment to Social Justice and Equity

In our work, we are committed to continually engaging in reflection about our own identities, positionalities, and services as writing consultants. We want to continually deconstruct the multiple supremacies in Academia that impact all of us as we learn at the School of Social Work. To this end, we strive to work towards promoting inclusivity and equity in our learning spaces through both our presence and practice.

We join our colleagues at the UW Tacoma Writing Center in promising “to listen and look carefully and compassionately for ways that we may unintentionally perpetuate racism or social injustice, actively engaging in anti-racist practice.”