Good Academic Standing

In order to be in good academic standing, you must maintain a minimum cumulative University grade point average of 3.00 for all 400- and 500-level graded courses taken after attaining graduate status at the University of Washington. In addition, you must complete and pass all required Social Work classes with a minimum grade of 2.7.

Students who accumulate more than two incompletes or carry incompletes beyond one quarter may be reviewed for satisfactory progress.

Low Scholarship

Graduate students whose cumulative or quarterly grade point average falls below 3.00 or who fail to earn at least a 2.7 or CR in a required class are reviewed as low scholarship. Low scholarship may lead to a change-in-status action by the Graduate School -- i.e., No Action, Warn, Probation, Final Probation, or Drop. If you fall below this standard of academic performance, you will be evaluated individually on a quarterly basis by the Director of MSW Program. Students who fail a core foundation class may be required to repeat that class before continuing in the foundation curriculum. Please note that official actions are taken by the Dean of the Graduate School upon recommendation from the Associate Dean for Professional Program and Director of MSW Program.

The Registrar will record only those actions recommending Probation, Final Probation, and Drop.

In addition to the grade performance, students with incompletes or “x” grades in the Professional Foundation curriculum courses must successfully complete the courses prior to beginning the Advanced Curriculum, including the Advanced Practicum.