To assist with developing your learning plan, specializations (formerly known as "concentrations") are described below along with specialization requirements. Please note that EDP currently only offers clinical social work specializations. To learn more about the required courses, faculty contacts, and potential practicum placements for each specialization, please click on the righthand sidebar to be taken to each specialization's page. 


For students entering in 2022 or later, we offer one specialization: Clinical Social Work.

Clinical Social Work

Prepares students for direct practice with individuals of all ages, families and small groups. Students develop comprehensive engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation skills to enhance the well-being and empowerment of clients across the lifespan. This specialization equips students with the theoretical and applied learning needed to work effectively with a diverse clientele across the lifespan and in a variety of settings -- such as in mental health, schools, hospitals, child welfare and youth justice, aging services, addiction facilities, hospice, shelters, community centers and agencies, and more. To learn more about individualized pathways within the CSW specialization, please click on the righthand sidebar to be taken to the specialization's page. 


Students who entered prior to 2022 focus their second- and third-year studies in the following:


Multigenerational Practice With Children, Families, and Elders

This clinical social work specialization prepares MSW practitioners to work with, and advocate for, children, families and elders across the life course within diverse communities. This groundbreaking approach integrates cross-generational issues with topics such as resilience, trauma, family violence, disparities and cultural relevance. This specialization prepares practitioners for a range of settings including, but not limited to, child welfare, schools, mental health, juvenile justice, assisted living, and elder and family services.


Integrative Health-Mental Health Specialized Practice

This clinical social work specialization prepares MSW practitioners to work across diverse health and mental health settings, to gain particular expertise in environment-mind-body-spirit-cultural integrative practice (mind-body complementarity). Utilizing an interdisciplinary, multi-component framework for health-mental health practice, this specialization integrates key perspectives of trauma/crisis/loss, stress-coping, bio-ecological-environment interaction, and resiliency and recovery in order to introduce MSW practitioners to cutting-edge, culturally relevant interventions, empirically supported interventions, and promising practices for diverse populations in diverse health and mental health settings.