The PhD Program Office (206-685-1680) serves as the focus for resources to aid students in negotiating the program, preparing for their future roles as teachers and researchers, and initiating the job search during the final period of the program. For example, there are binders with copies of previous students' Qualifying Integrative Papers and Dissertation Prospecti. Other binders contain information on teaching resources, grant and fellowship opportunities, and program documents, such as Steering Committee Minutes. All official forms required during the course of the program are available on the School website in the PhD Forms & Procedures section.

The Doctoral Program Assistant Director provides information and advice to students on a range of matters that arise during their tenure in the Program. Specifically, students should consult the Assistant Director if they have questions concerning the following:

  • formation of the Supervisory Committee,
  • changes or additions to the Supervisory Committee,
  • procedures for scheduling the General Examination, submitting the Dissertation Prospectus,  scheduling Dissertation Defense, and submitting the Dissertation to the SSW and Graduate School,
  • information concerning University or Graduate School procedures and policies,
  • opportunities for support and resources, and grant/fellowship funding,
  • searching out information about national and international conferences,
  • calls for papers.

The Assistant Director also assists doctoral students with the preparation and submission of their independent training or dissertation grants.

Student Offices

The School's support budget is limited. Some desk space is available for doctoral students. Arrangements for assignment and furnishing of that space is coordinated annually by the PhD Steering Committee Student Representatives in coordination with the Building Coordinator. Students in the first three years of the program have priority on space in the student offices (B70 and B18). Room keys can be obtained from the Building Coordinator (mail room). Mail received for doctoral students is placed in assigned boxes in the main mail room. Secretarial services, office supplies, and copy services are not generally provided to doctoral students. However, when a student is on a teaching or research appointment, certain types of support may be included.