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The computers in the podiums should always be powered on.  but if they have gone to sleep:

Wiggle the Mouse
Touch a key on the keyboard to wake up the computer

If the display is still dark - Turn on the power to the display:

If you've confirmed the monitor is on & the computer is still dark.  Please let

SSWTECH@UW.EDU know or go to room 12 on the G level, so that we can start the computer for you.

Log in with your UWNETID

The computer's are automatically connected to the wireless network so onnce you're logged in - you can check email go to google drive/One drive ETC. But if you'd like to physically load files on to the computer, look for the USB ports on the back left corner of the monitor:

Connect the podium to the room system

Find the blue cable with the purple flag in the front of the podium, as seen here:

Connect that blue cable to the purple flagged cable leading to your room's display system.

  • This might be to an equipment desk that connects to a projector
    • like in rooms 26, 30, 32, & 38
  • or just an HDMI cable connecting to a TV
    • Like in rooms 125 & 230

To send the display system the content you want

*Briefly* press the Windows Key & the P key at the same time as seen here:

  • Choose if you'd like to see exactly what your audience sees
    • Called "Duplicate Desktop"
  • Or If you'd like to see one screen (with your notes, for example) & your audience sees another (full screen powerpoint slides, for example)
    • Called "Extend Desktop"
  • NOTE:
    • In some rare cases, you'll still need to tell the systems in rooms 26, 30,32,& 38 to display your screens by pressing the touchpanel buttons:
      • "Laptop HDMI"
      • and then
      • "Send to Projector"
    • as shown below:





pro-tip! a youtube's video in this room has 3 volume sliders that can be set at different levels.  Putting

the youtube video window player's volume at 100%

the Windows OS volume at 100%

& then using the Touch Panel's "Laptop Vol" to control the volume is a savvy way to control the volume reliably.




Plug in your device to the HDMI cable with the purple flag.

The system will auto detect that you want to use your device & switch the displays and audio from the Provided Desktop to your device

To switch back - unplug the cable with the purple flag to your device AND any other type of adapter, if used.