Field Education

As per the grant requirement, trainees must be in an advanced year field education placement in behavioral health practice.

Integrative Seminar

The integrative seminar is facilitated by the program field lead, Charlotte Sanders, MSW. The seminar is structured as a small group (about 10 students) and meets for a 2-hour, 50-minute session every other week across summer, fall, and winter quarters (EDP) or fall, winter and spring quarters (Day, Advanced Standing) during the academic year. The seminar may be taken for academic credit. Questions regarding the Integrative Seminar can be directed to Charlotte at

Online Modules

Behavioral health trainees complete specialized, online training modules that supplement content covered in each concentration. Modules are tied to the content of the integrative seminar and must be completed concurrently with the integrative seminar. 

Suicide Assessment and Prevention

Trainees must also take a suicide assessment and prevention training offered by Forefront at the UW School of Social Work, or an approved alternative. For additional information, please email the program at 

Specific Social Work Courses 

  • Assessment of Mental Health Disorders (SocW571) (This course may already be a concentration requirement)
  • Graduate-level Chemical Dependency (for example, SocW572, SocW593 or equivalent)

Please note: NLBHP students do not receive priority registration for these courses. 

Letter of Commitment

Behavioral health trainees will sign a letter indicating their commitment to participate in the grant-sponsored program of study, complete the program requirements, and pursue a career providing behavioral health services after graduation.