Professional Social Work in SE Asia: Education and Qualification - July 21-22, 2015

Conference Program

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HÅVARD AASLUND “The way you describe complexity – all my cases are like that” - Addressing Complexity in Professional Social Work Within a Child Welfare System

FREDERICK L. AHEARN Establishing a Social Work Education Program in Conflict-Affected Mindanao, Philippines

FREDERICK L. AHEARN, STEVEN MUNCY Social Work Education in Mindanao, Philippines:  Fostering Adult Learning Strategy

DR. TATSURU AKIMOTO, “What Social Work Do We Want? Towards the Third Stage of Social Work” KHMER

LA ALIMUDDIN,  SYAMSUDDIN Encourage International Social Work Practice as an Effort to Rescue of Human Trafficking Victim in South East Asian

RAM PRASAD ARYAL Institutional Stigma and Discrimination in People Living with HIV in Nepal

SOAK FONG CHAN Transformation of Social Work Practice Supervision in Malaysia: A Case Study of Social Welfare Officers in Malaysia

RETHY CHHEM Adult Learning Strategies for Cambodian Universities

BORA CHUN, PHINA SO Establishing the Association of Professional Social Workers of Cambodia

DANTE M. DE TABLAN Social Work Education and Intimate Partner Violence: How Prepared Are Recent Master of Social Work Graduates?


DENISE GAMMONLY: Geriatric Social Work Competencies to Educate Professional Social Workers for Effective Practice with Older Adults 

MAYA KALYANPUR From ideal to reality: challenges to implementing inclusive education for young adults with disabilities in Cambodia

ANITA LEYSON  Indigenizing Social Work Education in the Philippines  BSW Guidelines

ANITA LEYSON Integrating Theory and Practice Through the Field Instruction Program  PAPER

JON MATSUOKA Strategies in Social Work Administration in a Chane Context

VIMLA NADKARNI Social Work in Cambodia: Looking Ahead  KHMER

KSENIJA NAPAN Transcultural Experiential Learning in Social Work: Promoting Cultural Respectfulness Across the Globe

SAVEUN NHIM Field learning program: a skill and knowledge practice-based lab for social work students

HUONG THI THANH NGUYEN Application of Competence-based Education for Field Social Work Students:  A Cooperation Project Between a Social Work School and a Non-Government Organization

PHANETH SOK A Pathway from course competencies to Lesson Plans: Illustratiang a student focused, competency based approach

PHANETH SOK, TRACY HARACHI  Is a CAT a Furry Animal or a Way to Monitor Learning?

DECHA SUNGKAWAN Specification of Competency Standards in Social Work Program: A New Teaching Tool for the Professional Development of Thai Social Workers

EMIKO TAJIMA Competency and Accreditation Standards:  The 2015 Council on Social Work Education Standards

FINAFLOR TAYLAN Competency needs and observed societal and practice realities of development and social workers: education in the Philippines in the era of ASEAN integraton

TUAN D. TRAN Strengthening Social Work Faculty Capacities and Developing Competencies Based Curriculum for Social Work Programs in Vietnam– A Case of Social Work Education Enhancement Program (SWEEP)

PAUL T. TRAN Sustainable Educational Partnerships: Viet Nam and Hawai`i Social Work Experience

ALMA TRINIDAD Explicit Pathways to Social Change, Student-Centered Learning & Community-Based Learning Approaches  PDF

ALICE YUK Hong Kong Social Workers Association