Samnang Chea

Samnang Chea has been providing directly services for over a decade in community-based family support services, particularly focused on early childhood education; this includes extensive work with parents who have children with developmental delays

MA Psychology ’14, RUPP
Courses include:  Interpersonal Skills I, II, and III




Vornthyroth Chhim

Vornthyroth Chhim serves as an Instructor and Program Manager of Field Learning. He brings his economic background and work in community-based poverty reduction programs.

MA Development Studies '14, RUPP
Courses include: Community Empowerment Practice I and II, Research Methods 




Rathany Chuum

Rathany Chhum is passionate about empowering people especially youth.  He is interested in policy analysis, community practice, and issues related to poverty and human rights.

BSW ‘17, Royal University of Phnom Penh

Courses include: Community Service Learning I & II; Senior Project




Bora Chun

Bora Chun has extensive work experience in the field of HIV prevention. Among his more recent activities in this area, he collaborated with the Labor Ministry, factory owners, and employer and union representatives to design and implement a HIV policy and peer-educator program within the work place.

MSW ’09, graduate certificate in Global Health, University of WA
Courses include:   Introduction to Organizational Development; Building Relationships Across Diverse Groups;  Consequences of Poverty; Governance in Cambodia


Chhaileng Hour

Chhaileng Hour is from the first graduating cohorts of the BSW program whose area of expertise is child welfare and protection. He has provided field supervision for the BSW field learning component. 

MA Development Management ’14, Norton University, Cambodia
Courses include: Foundation I, II



Lo Leang

Lo Leang has been working in the mental health field for almost a decade. In addition to working as a counselor supervisor, his expertise and training capabilities have been sought by organizations from a number of sectors (e.g. justice system to encourage better services to crime victims; or staff from the Ministry of Social Affairs). He is particularly interested in preventive services for children, youth, and families and the development of child welfare systems in Cambodia. 

MSW ’09, University of WA
Courses include: Interpersonal Skills I, II, III; Building Strong Children & Families




Sokim Lok

Sokim Lok serves as the department’s administrative and finance assistant. 

BA, Vanda Institute 




Sitha Marks

Channsitha Marks has considerable experience in development, community empowerment, and peacebuilding in the SE Asia context, particularly in Cambodia and Myanmar. She has consulted and served as an advisor to a number of organizations include local, international, and funding agencies, and governmental entities in the field of context analysis, community participation, multi-stakeholder engagement, and conflict sensitive programming.

MS '10, Applied Conflict Transformation Studies, Pannasastra University
Courses include: Causes and Consequences of Poverty, Governance, and Community Empowerment Practice


Sophak Kanika Nguon

Sophak Kanika Nguon has extensive experience as an organizer and advocate for disabilities and gender issues.  She is particularly interested in strategies to promote children and youth with disabilities to have access to higher education and employment.  She is currently a board member for Komar Pikar Foundation (KPF) and Cambodian Development Mission for Disability (CDMD).

MSW ’09, University of WA
Courses include:  Community Empowerment Practice I, II, and III; Governance



Vornthyroth Chhim

Phal Oudamsambath comes with years of direct practice experience focused on a range of vulnerable populations including: child, male, and female survivors of interpersonal violence; people with mental illness, and or substance misuse or abuse.

MSW, '12, University of Queensland, Australia
Courses include: Interpersonal Practice I-III




Sophearth Phul

Sophearith Phul has been providing mental health support to children, adolescents and adults especially those who have had traumatic experiences and recently was promoted to be a EMDR supervisor.

MA ’15, Royal University of Phnom Penh
Courses include: Interpersonal I,II, III; Introduction to Mental Health



Sokunthy  Ros

Sokunthy Ros has years of experience as a community facilitator and organizer with a number of communities including youth, sex workers, and garment workers. She has worked as a legal officer at the Arbitration Council Foundation and assisted in various evaluations. 

MA and BA Law, Royal University of Law and Economics
Courses include:  Community Empowerment Practice I and II



Phaneth Sok

Phaneth Sok comes with multiple years of experience focused on direct mental health services for children and families and providing training and supervision in this area.  She has worked extensively with trauma survivors  and is organizing a system for clinical mental health services within a local NGO.

MS Counseling Psychology, '04, Deemed University, India
Courses include: Introduction to Trauma Practice; Introduction to Mental Health



Sochenda Srey

Sochenda Srey serves as a Program Manager of Field Learning. She shares her experience in working within the youth leadership field, building capacity of young adults.

BA Business Management '05, National University of Management; currently enrolled in the MSW supported by EWHA University at RUPP.
Courses include: Courses include: IP1&2; Community Service Learning I & II; Senior Project



Ramy Srou;

Ramy Srou strives to make a difference in her society.  She is thrilled to be working as an educator to advance the next generation of students to work in the field of social work.

BSW ‘17, Royal University of Phnom Penh

Courses include: Senior Project


Soksophea Suong

Soksophea Suong has over 15 years of experience working with agencies that provide services and advocate for the establishment of child protection mechanisms including child health/nutrition and education particularly for vulnerable children and families. She has extensive experience working with youth in urban and rural areas as a mentor/coach.

MA ’11, Australian National University

Courses include: Governance, CEP3, Consequences of Poverty



Kimkanika Ung

Kimkanika Ung has focused on delivering programs and implementing policies for trafficked women and children. Her work with poverty alleviation activities seeks to address the root causes of trafficking and raise awareness through public education campaign in schools. She is keenly aware of the need to better address gender issues within Cambodia.

MSW ’09, University of WA
Courses include:  Community Service Learning I & II; Foundation I & II; and, Introduction to Research Methods


In Memory

Sineng Sil

Sineng Sil The SW Department sadly shares that Sineng Sil unexpectedly passed away in October 2009. He dedicated himself to the service of others - his family, his community, his society. He imagined a better Cambodian society than the one he saw around him and he spent his entire adult life working to create it through community development, community organizing, education and social work. He touched the lives of thousands, including the RUPP SW students and will be missed dearly.