In 2015, the Council on Social Work Education updated their educational policy and accreditation standards and distributed a set of competencies for social work development that all students need to achieve during their education. Nine newly defined competencies encompass thirty-one behaviors that illustrate mastery of the competencies, which can be defined as knowledge, values and skills that professional social workers must be able to demonstrate.

The UW School of Social Work reviewed and adopted the competencies for use beginning in the 2018–19 academic year.

The new competencies are reflected in every BASW and MSW course as outcome standards, including practicum and the learning contracts and evaluations used to structure and assess field learning. Students and practicum instructors are being trained in the use of the competencies as critical factors in developing activities in agencies which support learning and skill development in each of the nine competency areas.

General Information on EPAS

Education Policy and Accreditation Standards

Generalist (Previously "Foundation") Competencies

Below you will find links to educational materials about the competencies and their application to practicum in the BASW senior and MSW first year.

Specialized (Previously "Concentration") Competencies (MSW only)

Instructions for Student Learning Plans and Evaluations