Our Mission

The mission of the Child Welfare Training and Advancement Program is to recruit and develop highly skilled, culturally competent public child-welfare social workers through a partnership between the state’s Department of Children, Youth and Familes (DCYF) and participating Washington state universities. We encourage the participation of DCYF employees and those preparing for employment in the DCYF offices. Participants earn graduate-level professional knowledge and skills through an integration of instruction, practice and research.

Our Goals

  • Develop a curriculum that integrates DCYF best practices and initiatives with classroom learning and field education experiences.
  • Develop student competency in evidence-based practice strategies.
  • Retain highly skilled social workers committed to public child welfare service.
  • Train public child welfare social workers to practice in a culturally competent manner.
  • Provide services that produce positive outcomes for children and families while ensuring child safety, permanency and well-being.
  • Provide ongoing evaluation to measure CWTAP’s success in reaching its goals.