Foundation Curriculum

The foundation curriculum provides the knowledge and skills students need for entry-level social work practice, preparing them to serve in a variety of settings—with individuals, families or groups as well as with organizations, communities or institutions. The curriculum also acquaints students with the profession’s values, ethics and history. All foundation courses must be passed before students can begin the advanced curriculum.

Advanced Curriculum

The advanced curriculum provides in-depth preparation in advanced social work practice, building specialized knowledge of relevant policies, systems, theories and practice methods across a variety of settings and populations. Students are prepared for advanced professional practice, in a chosen area of concentration, in a way that fosters social work leadership, effective social interventions, a commitment to a just and diverse society, and a commitment to public service.

Concentrations Areas

  • Multigenerational Practice with Children, Families and Elders

    Focuses on serving families across the life span. The approach integrates cross-generational issues with topics such as trauma, disparities and cultural relevance. The specialization prepares practitioners for service in schools, juvenile justice, assisted living, elder and family services, among other settings.

  • Integrative Health-Mental Health Advanced Practice

    Prepares students to gain expertise in a practice that integrates environment, mind, body, spirit and culture. The courses in this concentration address critical cross-cultural and social justice issues, as well as integrating feminist, multicultural, transcultural, decolonizing and liberatory approaches to practice, as well as resiliency and recovery-oriented frameworks.

NOTE: MSW concentration offerings, course sequencing and schedule options may vary from year to year.