MSW Students: Health and Mental Health Concentration

This specialized curriculum and training program offers a $5,000 stipend for MSW students in their advanced practicum year in Health and Mental Health direct-practice concentrations, who are in placements where trainees work with individuals at risk of having substance use disorders in a primary care or other health care setting. 

Core curriculum: In addition to required concentration practice and policy/services courses, Health and Mental Health concentration trainees are required to take supplemental training curriculum. NL-SBIRT trainees receive extensive subject content on screening instruments, including DAST, ASSIST and AUDIT. Trainees also learn culturally responsive motivational interviewing skills. 

The traineeships are limited to students in direct practice concentrations of Health, Mental Health and the Extended Degree Program's Integrated Health/Mental Health concentration and must be in a direct-practice field education placement in a training site that has been identified as SBIRT-eligible where students have an opportunity to engage in SBIRT related practice.

In addition to required concentration courses, the training curriculum includes four required elements:

  1. Field Education: Health Practice/ Mental Health with SBIRT training opportunities. In accordance with the grant requirement, trainees must be in either the Health/Mental Health concentration, direct-practice field education placement in a training site that is identified as SBIRT eligible where students have an opportunity to engage in SBIRT-related practice.
  2. Integrative Seminar: The integrative seminar is facilitated by the NL-SBIRT faculty. The seminar is structured as a small group (about 12 students) and meets for a 2-hour, 50-minute session every other week.
  3. School of Social Work course SocWX: a 3 credit course on SBIRT 
  4. Letter of Committment: Application packets are made available each year through the NL-SBIRT office. Once trainees are accepted into the program, NL-SBIRT trainees sign a letter of commitment indicating their willingness to participate in the grant-sponsored program of study and complete the program requirements.

School of Social Work Direct Practice Concentration Students

  • MSW curriculum (concentration specific— no stipend)
  • SocW 5X, a 3 credit course on SBIRT 

Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy Trainee Opportunities 

Students in the UW Schools of Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy will have access to work together in the SBIRT course and NL-SBIRT seminars.

  • Nursing, Dentistry or Pharmacy Program curriculum
  • Integrative seminar 
  • SBIRT course 

UW Field Supervisors and Teaching Faculty

Please check back for training opportunities. 

Health Service Practitioners in the Region

Please check back for training opportunities.