The Gero-Ed Center aims to ensure that all social work graduates acquire foundation gerontological competencies to work effectively with older adults and their families. The Center's primary domains are; 1) Faculty and Programmatic Development through regional Curriculum Development Institutes and mentoring, bi-annual Gero-Ed Institutes at national conferences, and the annual Gero-Ed Forum in conjunction with the CSWE APM; 2) educational policy and advocacy, including accreditation and a textbook project to infuse gerontology into foundation social work texts; 3) dissemination of state of the art curricular and teaching resources through www.Gero-EdCenter.org, the Aging Times e-newsletter, and e-learning, and 4) resource development and sustainability

The John A. Hartford Foundation
July 2004 through June 2007
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[Co-Investigator: Julia Watkins, Exec Director, CSWE]