This project consists of an international collaboration to adapt and implement the Communities That Care (CTC) prevention system in three low-income communities in Chile. It includes research teams from the U.S. (including the Social Development Research Group at the University of Washington, the Division of Prevention Science and Community Health at the University of Miami, and Five-Town Communities That Care in Maine), Colombia (the Nuevos Rumbos Corporation), and Chile (the Fundación San Carlos de Maipo and the Fundación Paz Ciudadana).

The study consists of multiple components, including the adaptation and implementation of the adapted model; analysis and dissemination of school- and community-level risk, protection, and behavior outcome data; delivery of CTC trainings and technical assistance; assessment and monitoring of implementation fidelity; and identification of evidence-based Spanish-language prevention programs relevant for the Chilean context and the targeted outcomes.

Fundación San Carlos de Maipo, in Chile
Principal Investigator(s):