The newly created West Coast Poverty Research Center (WC/PRC) is seeking an Administrative Director to help develop and manage its programs and activities. The WC/PRC is one of three federally-funded area research centers in the U.S. that address the causes, consequences and policy responses to poverty. The broad mission of the new center at the UW is to advance knowledge and understanding of the causes and consequences of poverty and effective approaches to reducing it within the context of the west coast states.
With initial funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, the WC/PRC will support the research of established and emerging scholars on the west coast; develop programs of study and student research opportunities at the U.W.; organize seminars and regional/national conferences; and build new capacity for the dissemination of policy-relevant knowledge.

U.S. DHHS Office of Assistant Secretary for Planning and Education (OASPE)
October 2005 -
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