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Research Project Principal Investigator(s)
A Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Trial of a School Based Teen Marijuana Check-Up Denise Walker
A Pragmatic Trial of Parent-focused Prevention in Pediatric Primary Care: Implementation and Adolescent Health Outcomes in Three Health Systems Richard F. Catalano, Jr.
A Problem Solving Intervention for Hospice Caregiver
A Randomized Trial of Letting Go and Staying Connected to Reduce Risky Behaviors among Students Transitioning to College Kevin Haggerty
A Trial of Connecting to Prevent Drug Abuse and Risky Behaviors in Foster Teens Kevin Haggerty
Alcohol and Condom Use Resistance in Sexually Coercieve/Violent Men
Alcohol and Women
Alcohol Effects on Cognitive & Affective Mediation of Women’s Decision Making Diane M. Morrison
An Internet CBT Intervention for Pediatric Chronic Pain and Disability
Cambodian Sentenced Home: An Examination Into the Lives of Deported Tracy Harachi
Caregiving within Historically Disadvantaged Communities
Caring for our Generations: A community health project supporting Native women and their families in the Northwest Tessa Evans-Campbell
Catastrophizing, Child Pain Behavior, and Parental Response
Cognitive Outcomes with Advanced Psychometrics
Committee for Children Steps to Respect Evaluation
Community Youth Development Study: A Test of Communities That Care J. David Hawkins
Community-Responsive Interventions to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk in American Indians
Crime During the Transition to Adulthood
Cross Cultural Families
CSWE National Center for Gerontological Social Work Education (Gero-Ed Center) Nancy R. Hooyman