Welcome BSW Graduates

Cohort 6



The 6th cohort of BSW graduates arrived.  With their graduation came an opportunity for the DSW to expand its staffing with a new Academic Officer and 3rd Program Manager for Field Learning.  BSW graduates Ramy Srou and Rathany Chhum accepted these new positions. 


Sambath Soeurng

Congratulations to Sambath Soeurng, of AusCam, for receiving this year’s Mara Schneider award for most supportive Year 4 field supervisor.


Technology and Partnering For Health

PK Tablet



A central feature of collaborative care is “sharing” patient care across different health care professionals.  This is difficult if not impossible to do on a paper based record system.  To implement the model, PFH gratefully thanks volunteer, Nathan Yoffa, who has been assisting to create a pilot electronic patient charting system that allows the Diabetes Center at Preah Kossamak Hospital to share real time information with the Social Work Unit and Mental Health Unit.  This effort would not have been possible without tablets supported by the SE Asian Center in the Jackson School of International Studies.  It’s been a steep learning curve from entering data on paper to electronic but we hope the power of information will soon impact patient outcomes. 





Let’s Zoom Zoom Zoom a Zoom



Partnering For Health has been taking advantage of terrific global conference calling and utilizing screen sharing capabilities to share information.  Dr. Richard Veith shared “Sleeping Problems”.   




UW Research Scientist On-Site for Partnering for Health

Leslie and team members


 Lesley Steinman, MSW, MPH, Research Scientist with the UW Center for Health Promotion returned to PFH to continue providing capacity building on brief evidence based mental health interventions.   Lesley also met with all of the collaborative care members individually to gather feedback on the process and is excited to support this process. 




Strategic Planning with Professor and Dean Emeritus Nancy Hooyman

Nancy Hooyman and group



The DSW is nearing the end of its 2013-2018 Strategic Plan and time to begin planning for the next five years.  With facilitation from Professor Hooyman, the DSW examined its achievements and progress with the original plan.




First Educational Event by the Association of Professional Social Workers in Cambodia




Visiting UW Research Scientist, Lesley Steinman, shared her expertise around aging particularly brief evidence based interventionsto support elders.  This was the first educational event sponsored by the still young association. 





Introducing a Collaborative Care Model at Preah Kossamak Hospital

Dr. Touch Khun
Dr. Touch Khun, Deputy
Director of Preah Kossamak Hospital


Dr. Richard Veith
Dr. Richard Veith

Presentations by Dr. Richard Veith, Dr. Lydia Chwastiask, and Dr. LoGerfo focused on global mental health, diabetes and depression, and the role of psychiatry in global mental health.  This week of workshops culminated in a meeting with management to determine whether Preah Kossamak Hospital want to move forward to pursue implementation of a collaborator care model.  With support from IOM, the social workers will be the hub to share patients across the DiabetesCenter, Mental Health Unit and new Social Work Unit. 




DSW Invited Speaker at “NGO Networks and Participatory Partnership” Conference


conference speakers

Kanika Ung, Acting Head of the DSW was invited to present at a conference sponsored by the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families of Cambodia.



Brief Mental Health Interventions at Preah Kossamak Hospital Through the Partnership For Health

Behavioral group With support from IOM, social worker began working at Kossamak.   Year 4 BSW students worked alongside the staff social workers to screen patients for depression and offer an opportunity to participate in a brief evidence based Behavior Activation group intervention.  Three groups were facilitated for the first time and while recruitment was limited, patients reported the experience to be positive and over time their depression scores subsided. 



home visit

This is the only time I get to focus on me, it’s great, I’m always so busy taking care of everyone in the family”. 

Participants asked for the group to be offered again in the future. 



New Social Work Student Group




The Social Work Student Group (SWSG) was established to include representatives from each cohort (Y1-4) in the BSW program.  This student driven group provides opportunities for leadership, project management, and feedback into the BSW program as well as the DSW. 




Emerging Leadership Project

data collectionInstructors Sambath Phal, Chenda Srey and Kanika Ung were awarded a RUPP Research Grant to conduct the “Emerging Leaders” project which explore knowledge and attitudes of university students on future employment, relationships, and behavioral health.