Friday, August 14, 2020

In the past few weeks, new directives impacting faculty and staff have been issued by the University addressing the restriction of activities for fall quarter as the pandemic continues.  Currently, the School plans to hold all its classes but one remotely. In-person practicums will be offered as the individual field sites allow.


King County (and the UW) are in Phase 2 of reopening. During this phase, we continue to strongly request that all School faculty and staff telework until it has been determined that we can safely return to campus. 


If it is necessary to come to campus or visit an off-campus workplace, we require that:

  • All staff and faculty wear masks or face coverings at all times.
  • Your current health condition be verified via Workday before entering a UW facility or off-campus work facility.
  • Any campus activity be deemed essential, whether for instruction or work-related purposes.

The School is finalizing its Back-to-Work Plan which will be released shortly. As we look ahead to a future return to campus, we have already taken the following steps to safeguard your personal and professional health and well-being:    

  • Cloth masks have been purchased for every employee (on campus and off campus).
  • Surgical masks have been purchased for students carrying out practicum efforts in the fall quarter, and for use in the building as needed.
  • Abundant cleaning supplies and hand-sanitizing equipment will be available to keep our offices and surroundings safe. 
  • The social-distancing capacities of each room and floor within the School have been determined as well as the directional movement between floors and overall building capacity. These plans adhere to CDC physical distancing guidelines.
  • SSWIT has created a tool for site scheduling so we can stay within the physical distancing guidelines and create a safer environment for faculty and staff.

Look for more information on the new mapping and scheduling systems once our Back- to-Work Plan is approved and released, and we start to gear up for Phase 3.

As we navigate these historic times, please support each other, remain as flexible as you can, and take the time for self-care. These actions, along with keeping the lines of communication open between employees and managers, are critical for our health and safety. If you have any questions, please email Vicki Anderson-Ellis at

Find out about more about the School’s plans to support employees caring for a loved one or facing the challenges of balancing work with overseeing school-age children at home.