Wednesday, April 20, 2022

David T. Takeuchi, associate dean for faculty excellence at the UW School of Social Work, along with co-principal investigator and Harvard professor Margarita Alegria, will receive the 2022 Inclusive Voices Award from the American Association for Public Opinion Research for their work on the National Latino and Asian American Study.

This groundbreaking research study provided unprecedented high-quality national data on mental health and service use among Latino/a and Asian Americans in the U. S. at a time when such statistical information was not available. The research team used innovative sampling and questionnaire design strategies, and collected data in five languages, to study the similarities and differences in mental illness and service use among these two groups.

The data will be used to help uncover healthcare inequalities, evaluate their impact over time and inform policies to mitigate them in the future. Findings from the study have been disseminated in both public and scientific forums illuminating how sociocultural factors influence mental health and service use patterns.

David Takeuchi, a sociologist, focuses his research on health and help-seeking among racial, ethnic and immigrant populations. He has extensive experience in research design, sampling strategies for diverse populations, and data analyses using a variety of statistical methods. He is a strong proponent for developing interdisciplinary research-driven approaches and a nationally known expert in health disparities.

Takeuchi and Alegria will receive the award May 13 at AAPOR’s national conference in Chicago, Ill. AAPOR, the nation’s leading professional organization of public opinion and survey research professionals, draws its membership from academia, media, government, nonprofit sector and private industry.

Read Takeuchi’s opinion piece in The Seattle Times.