Monday, June 28, 2021

Hazal Erçin Swearinger, a PhD candidate at the School, was recently awarded a Horowitz Foundation grant for social policy research. Hazal is a Carol LaMare Fellow in Integrative Oncology and Palliative Care Social Work.

Hazal’s research focuses on health and social policies for individuals with chronic diseases and at the end of life. Her dissertation focuses on how state policies vary for home and community-based services and how this disparity affects end-of-life outcomes for economically vulnerable older adults.

States have the option of providing targeted health and social care services to low-income older adults but many do not or they severely limit the number of people who are served. Hazal’s research shows that adults who live in states offering more generous and accessible palliative care programs report fewer distressing end-of-life symptoms. 

In a highly competitive process, the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy selected 25 scholars to receive grants for research in the social sciences. A total of 678 applications were received. Awards are for $7,500 and based on merit. The Horowitz Foundation was established in 1998.