Monday, October 5, 2020

We are excited to introduce our 2020 PhD program cohort to our community. The new students are: Santino Camacho, Joanna La Torre, Ashley Lizarraga, Sarah Porter and Hannah Scheuer.

These students each have diverse life experiences and research interests, from health promotion and mental health research in Indigenous and immigrant communities to the overrepresentation of Black youth and families in the child welfare and criminal justice systems to behavioral health, and program development for trauma and suicide prevention. 

It is always difficult to move to a new city, and this year, with the coronavirus pandemic, it is more challenging than usual. To introduce these students to our community, Taryn Lindhorst, PhD Program director, and her staff created a student viewbook with photos, bios and background information on each person. At the bottom of each page, you’ll find links to the student’s email address and LinkedIn profile

“This year our cohort is starting their doctoral career in a new virtual, Covid-19 reality,” said Taryn. “These students have taken the risk to start their doctoral studies during a period of profound disruption in our usual ways of connecting and communicating. We hope you’ll connect with these students on LinkedIn and help them build their scholarly networks. And we encourage you to reach out and email them a note of welcome and encouragement—and your favorite take-out restaurant.”