Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Jeremy Figueroa, who joined the School’s Tech team in October 2021 as a computer support technician, was promoted recently and will take over the post vacated by Jason Correa, who accepted a position at the University of Colorado.

For more than a decade, Jeremy served in the U. S. Navy, both overseas and locally, as a tactical operations commander. In this position, he supervised harbor security boat crews, assigned posts for U.S. coalition warships, provided physical security and law enforcement, and served as the unit liaison for port tactical computing systems and security. He continues to serve in the U. S. Navy Reserve.

Jeremy completed an AA in information technology with distinction and a BS in information technology administration and cyber security. Before joining the School, he provided computer and AV support at F1 Networks, Dell, Boeing, Hewlett Packard and Ebay. In addition to providing excellent support, Jeremy will also handle advanced cybersecurity efforts. Congratulations, Jeremy!