Our hats are off to Karen Johnson, Admissions program coordinator, who retired from the School of Social Work after 28 years. She worked for four years at the UW College of Forestry before joining the School so her University career actually spanned 32 years.

Karen’s contributions to the School are legion. She was a fierce student advocate, particularly students of color as they entered and made their way through their degree track. Over the years, she worked with scores of prospective and current students and admissions committee members.

Once Karen decided to make the School her second home, she threw herself into a slew of projects and activities. She was active in the Faculty and Staff of Color group, where she supported initiatives by and for students of color. She also worked with Bridges of Color, a group that continues to hold a special place in her heart.

She served on the staff council and was involved in the University’s Asian and Pacific Islander affinity group. Her efforts were pivotal in the early years of CANDO, a diversity outreach collaborative founded by staff from four University departments, including the School of Social Work. CANDO grew over the years to incorporate 10 departments, including GO-MAP and the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity.

Karen also shone in areas outside Admissions. For a time, she was the School’s unofficial photographer and created its first official table cover.  She enjoyed making cakes, adobo and other tasty dishes that she shared at potlucks and parties. We will miss her greatly and extend the warmest of wishes on her much-deserved retirement.  

Karen’s duties in the Admissions Office will be taken over by Marcee Boggs, who recently moved to Seattle from Northern California.