Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some important changes affecting the leadership of two School programs have just been announced. Beginning in mid-May, Nancy Hooyman, Nancy R. Hooyman Endowed Professor of Gerontology and Dean Emeritus, will become the PhD program director.

She replaces current program director Susan Kemp, Charles O. Cressey Endowed Professor, who will be on partial leave from the School for the next three years. Susan will join the social work faculty at the University of Auckland in New Zealand as a visiting professor, where she will be developing a new collaboration between our two Pacific Rim universities. 

“I am honored to become the director of the doctoral program” says Nancy. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to build upon the strong visionary foundation created by Susan Kemp and her predecessors, the groundbreaking transdisciplinary team science initiatives spearheaded by Paula Nurius and the doctoral steering committee, and signature initiatives lead by Dean Uehara related to the Grand Challenges in Social Work and the innovation-to-impact model for social change.”

With Nancy Hooyman’s assuming directorship of the PhD program, Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen will temporarily assume the role of chair of the multigenerational concentration within the MSW program.

A reception to honor Susan’s many contributions and accomplishments as PhD program director is in the works; date to be announced. We hope you’ll help us provide a rousing send-off as she assumes her new role at the University of Auckland.